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Veenavaadhini celebrated its 6th Anniversary as a musical evening, on Saturday 27th July, 2013 at Sastri Hall, Mylapore, Chennai. While students and parents were in attendance quite early, the Chief Guest Sri T.T.Narendran (Senior Veena Vidwan and Music Critic) made a dramatic appearance a little later, coming in straight from the airport. It was indeed proof of his kindness and his regard for Veena and our Vainika gurus Sri Jeyaraaj and Smt Jaysri.  Veenavaadhini has been showcasing their students every year in each of their Anniversary events.  We have had Kum Jayash and Kum Manash Ramanathan, and Kum Veena Venkatramani perform in the past years.   This year it was the turn of Santosh Jayaram from Mumbai.  Given below is a brief profile of Santosh.
A young and promising artist placed in Mumbai, Santosh was born in Calcutta, where he started learning both vocal and Veena from the tender age of 5 at Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya. He has had the privilege of learning from Vainika Vidwan Late A. Anantharama Iyer and his sister Late A. Champakavalli, son and daughter respectively of Brahmasri A. Ananthakrishna Iyer, who belongs to the direct sishya parampara of Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar. Santosh has since then undergone training from A.Srividya (daughter of A. Anantharama Iyer), Smt. Revathi Sadasivam and is currently receiving advanced training from Sri Jeyaraaj and Smt Jaysri. An MBA and a B-tech graduate working as a Product Manager at a reputed financial services company, he has also formed his own Fusion music project by the name Agnya, as a part of which he has toured to several cities across the country to perform live.

The evening's programme was planned as follows:
6:15 pm: Veena Recital By Sri Santosh Jayaram (Student of Veenavaadhini) with Sri R Ramkumar – Mridangam
8:00 pm: The Chief Guest Speaks
8:10 pm: Vote of Thanks

Many musicians including Papanasam Sri Kumar, Sri Bharadwaj Raman etc. and many music-lovers graced the audience.

The evening's concert by Sri Santosh Jayaram and Sri Ramkumar, was an excellent one. Santosh kept the audience riveted to their seats with his pleasing Alapanas and brilliant Swaras. The accompaniment and Tani were both excellent.
The list of songs played :
1. Saveri varnam - Kothavasal Venkatrama Iyer
2. Ekadantam - Bilahari (S) - Muthuswamy Dikshitar
3. Sri Satyanarayanam - Shivapantuvarali (R, S) - Muthuswamy Dikshitar
4. Rajarajaradhite - Niroshta - Muthiah Bhagavatar
5. Pakkala nilapadi -Kharaharapriya (R, Tanam, S, Tani) - Thyagarajaswamy
6. Ranjani Mrdu Pankaka lochani - Ragamalika - Tanjavur Sankara Iyer
7. Tillana - Brindavana Saranga - Lalgudi Jayaraman
Sri TT Narendran, in the chief guest address, lauded the concert highly. He also said that about 75 years ago, Sri Ananthakrishna Ayyar , who moved to Calcutta and started the Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya , was a one-man university, and his son and daughter (Sri Anantarama Bhagavathar and Smt Champakavalli) , and now his grandchildren have carried on his work admirably.  He appreciated the Vainika couple for carrying on the work of their Gurus Sri Anantharama Iyer and Smt Champakavalli in Chennai, including taking junior students of their Guru , such as Santosh, under their wing.
The event ended with a vote of thanks by Sri Jeyaraaj.

Report by Rajani Arjun Shankar

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