Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LAUNCH OF www.veenavaadhini.com

Veenavaadhini launched its website www.veenavaadhini.com and celebrated five years of its completion in a function at Arkay Convention Centre Mylapore. Here is a report that appeared on the website www.sabhash.com.

Veenavaadhini Website Launched
Veenavaadhini website was launched at a warm function hosted by the Veena Couple JT Jeyaraaj Krishnan and Jaysri Jeyaraaj Krishnan, who founded Veenavaadhini Sampradaya Sangit Trust. Music Historian V Sriram was the guest, and he symbolically launched the website on a solemn note after a Veena recital by Veena Venkataramani (student of Veenavaadhini). She was accompanied by R Ramkumar on Mridangam, Srikrishnan on Ghatam. Sriram who himself had learnt Veena under the same Gurus as the couple, lauded their efforts and recalled those days of learning together in Kolkatta. Veena Vidwan P Vasanth Kumar spoke on the importance of Veena, that the art is close to Vocal music. He appreciated the efforts of Veenavaadhini,
that strives to bring the instrument to the fore front. Young Veena, who has just completed schooling is a confident girl, and gave a brilliant concert that kept the audience spell bound for an hour and more.

Veenavaadhini Sampradaya Sangit Trust proposes to create a unique archive of over 1000 compositions and 100 raga alapanas rendered by Jeyaraaj and Jaysri on the Veena. Belonging to the direct Sishya Parampara of Muthuswamy Dikshitar, the Gurus, along with their students at Veenavaadhini, have undertaken to visit the provenance of Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s kritis, to retrace Dikshitar’s journey, visit the temples that he visited, and render the kritis that he composed on the various deities enshrined therein.

Veenavaadhini will take efforts to preserve for posterity the Gayaki style of playing the Veena as the vainika couple has imbibed from their Gurus A Anantharama Iyer and A Champakavali through the unbroken disciple lineage of vainika gayaka Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

Here is the link Veenavaadhini Sampradaya Sangit Trust Website Launch

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